Logo Design

Your company is unique, your logo should be as well.

It is impossible for an “off the shelf” clip art logo that 100 other companies have used to effectively convey your unique company message. Your brand must stand out or you will blend in. You can’t stand out if you look like 100 other companies. Our goal is to help companies like yours, find their unique shape, and convey their message to their perfect customer.

You just can’t do that with borrowed art.

Please notice that our logo designs are unique to each of our clients. We don’t have one style that we apply to your company. We design logos based on your Design DNA so every logo we do is as unique as the client that hired us. No cookie cutters allowed.

DzinDNA works everything in black and white first. The lowest common denominators for business communications are the fax machine, the yellow pages, and the newspaper. If your logo can’t survive the ravages of these highly corrosive mediums it won’t survive anywhere else.

We first boost your logo’s immunity at a cellular level and then add color after all measures are taken to ensure the fidelity of your mark. Don’t get us wrong…we love color, but it can’t fix a logo that doesn’t work.

DzinDNA axiom: If it doesn’t work in black and white; color won’t fix it.

Basic Logo Package
Logo for the Start Up
Our minimal Logo Package
3 concepts
unlimited revisions
color options
Starter Logo Package
Everything you need to get going with your new business!
Includes Stationery Design
3 concepts
unlimited revisions
color options
2 Basic Business Card Designs
2 Basic Letterhead Designs
2 Basic Envelope Designs
FREE PRINTING for 1 set of 1000 business cards
Builder Logo Package
A great business builder package featuring some key tools for communicating with your customers.
Even more Options
6 concepts
unlimited revisions
color options
3 Basic Business Card Designs
3 Basic Letterhead Designs
3 Basic Envelope Designs
FREE PRINTING for 1 set of 1000 business cards
Graphic Standards Manual design
Corporate Logo Design
Our top tier identity package
More Options. More Benefits.
10 concepts
unlimited revisions
color options
3 Premium Business Card Designs
3 Premium Letterhead Designs
3 Premium Envelope Designs
FREE PRINTING for 3 sets of 1000 business cards
Graphic Standards Manual design

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