Logo Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Whether you realize it or not, your company is being watched all the time. Not always by the same people, but with the 24 hour business cycle on the internet, you are always being judged by your appearance. Like it or not your logo speaks volumes about you. If the first impressions are true or […]

8 Elements to a World Class Logo

What are the 8 elements of a “world class logo”? I had a potential client ask me this question. I had to stop and think. I had never considered that before. I started searching my brain for what it takes to reach the levels of “world class”. I have broken the elements into primary and […]

8 Secrets to Best Selling Book Covers

  You finally finished your book. You have poured yourself into it, your editor is proud of the final product and it’s time to show the world. But how can the world judge your book with out a cover? I know it’s cliché, but your book cover is what sells your book. We do judge […]

8 Ways to Improve Your Advertising

Advertising seems a daunting task to most that decide to venture close. But those fears are often misplaced when it is taken in small parts and viewed from new perspectives. All advertising is, when you think about it, is sales multiplied. If you take your normal sales conversation and broaden the scope, narrow the message, […]

8 Headline Booster Shots

It doesn’t matter if you are writing an email, an advertisement, or a newsletter your headline is the most important part. The headline is the stop sign for your entire promotion, and it has to be strong. You only have about 3 seconds to grab the readers attention, peak their interest, and make them want […]

8 Secrets to Better Headlines

So, the ad that you placed is due to the publication and it’s past time to right the headline. Your headline may be the most important part of the entire ad because those few words at the top of your ad are the only thing that will stop your reader long enough to read further. […]

8 Jobs Your Packaging Performs

I am sure we all have, maybe recently, cursed a package or two. They are too easy to open, too hard to open, or even impossible to open. Maybe they are to pretty to tear, or so ugly you enjoy tearing them. In our consumer nation, we are surrounded by packaging. Product packaging serves a […]

8 Roles Branding Plays in Your Marketing

Branding is a great nebulous word that acts as a catch-all for anything companies do to identify products in a customer’s mind. Branding is seldom understood and often overlooked in the cubicle fields of sales and marketing. Branding is actually a big part of the marketing recipe and I wanted to call your attention to […]

8 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Professional Logo

Does your comapny have a professional logo? First impressions is sometimes the only chance we get. Honestly, we all do it. Everyone of us makes split second judgments on our first glimpse of people and even companies and their logo. If you were to receive a job application or resumé that was wrinkled, dirty, mis-spelled, […]

8 Puzzle Pieces to Successful Advertising

Aren’t you tired of the money you spend on advertising going out the window and never seeing it return with sales? What are the pieces that solve this advertising puzzle? Well, there are 8 puzzle pieces that make a great advertisement, let’s take a look. Audience – Who are you selling to? What problems do […]