Clear Conscience Pet – Sliders Rebrand

OldSliderBags1smChallenged with the rebrand of one of the most awarded names in holistic dog treats, we took Clear Conscience Pet’s offer to create a new look that is more fresh, artisan and natural. We wanted to compete with some bigger names and secure Sliders place on the shelves. Here is the packaging they came to us with. And a look at their entire product line.


Many elements and directions stood in the way of a clean commercially viable brand and packaging. We wrestled with the look for some time. Our biggest obstacle was convincing everyone involved of the need for simplicity, balance and brand unity.

Our First Attempts

Sliders Rebrand Progress

Our first attempts met with so-so response from both the client and a few focus groups. But after drilling down past some long held client beliefs and barriers we got into a great trend with the Sliders look. We delved deeper into who their competition was, who they wanted to compete with and what looks they were after.


Sliders rebrand

Rebrand Variations

Some tweaks revealed a very nice clean vision of the brand the client wanted and their customers have responded to. After landing on a look that met all the needs of the client we started applying it over the entire product line. As their product offering grows, we will meet new challenges, but with this foundation of simplicity and brand unity, they will seem small. We enjoyed working with Clear Conscience Pet in the rebrand effort. We found the challenge one that made us think, and try new solutions.



Every rebrand project we get teaches us more about the need for simplicity, clear communication and a attentive ear to the market our client is trying to reach. We have been lucky to have great clients that can see our vision for their products. We love our jobs and love serving our clients. Thanks Clear Conscience Pet for letting us be a part of your rebranding team.