8 Reasons to Advertise on WIIFM

Everyone has a radio station playing in their head. We all listen to it every waking hour. It is playing continuously while we work, while we play, and most importantly while we make decisions. This station always has your favorite music and it always fits your mood. That shouldn’t be surprising because WIIFM stands for […]

8 Ways to Marketing Simplicity

Marketing simplicity is the most effective tool we have in our marketing toolbox. Simplicity works every time it’s tried. The problem is that simple isn’t easy.  It is very difficult to get a simple and effective marketing system. Here are some tips to simplify your marketing and make it more effective in the process Simplify […]

8 Reasons to Know Your Perfect Customer

What needs do your perfect customers have? Why do they buy your service? Why do they choose your competitors’ product? Why should you even bother with all that gobble-di-gook? Because the more you know about who your Perfect Customer is, and why they buy, the more you can sell. It really is that simple. Let’s […]

8 Business Books to Make your Business Better

Have you ever wished you had more time to read?  I do constantly. I work hard to carve out some time in a quiet place to read books that will make me a better marketer, a better customer service agent, and a better entrepreneur.  There are a few books that I try to read again […]

8 Secrets to Free Marketing (or nearly free)

In today’s business climate every penny counts, especially the marketing pennies. There are some cheap and even some free marketing ways to reach your perfect customer at a point where they are ready to buy.  None of these methods is new, but some have been forgotten for flashier marketing tactics. We humans like things that […]

8 Ways to an Effective Trade Show

Contrary to popular belief, a flashy trade show display doesn’t sell your product. Depending on what you are trying to sell, a display can help you sell. But the real strength of your trade show display is its simplicity. Simple displays highlight your product, your service, and the people that make your company tick. Don’t […]

8 Ways to Perfect Your Message

By Mark Combs, Cre8iveDept.com With every ad, brochure or email you send, you should be conveying, restating, or polishing your message. Yes! You, in the back, what was the question? What is your message? Good question. Your message is the answer to this question, “Why should I give you my money instead of doing nothing, […]

8 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Professional Logo

Does your comapny have a professional logo? First impressions is sometimes the only chance we get. Honestly, we all do it. Everyone of us makes split second judgments on our first glimpse of people and even companies and their logo. If you were to receive a job application or resumé that was wrinkled, dirty, mis-spelled, […]

8 Puzzle Pieces to Successful Advertising

Aren’t you tired of the money you spend on advertising going out the window and never seeing it return with sales? What are the pieces that solve this advertising puzzle? Well, there are 8 puzzle pieces that make a great advertisement, let’s take a look. Audience – Who are you selling to? What problems do […]

8 Business Myths Every Owner Can Profit From (or not)

Business Myths, every day we hear sayings and quips that are meant to motivate us, admonish us, or even reprimand us. Most of them are for our own good, and we easily take them as truth because we have heard them all of our lives and there is a kernel of truth in them or […]