8 Steps to the Perfect Guarantee

Why is it that nearly every product or service that you see on TV or in print comes with a Money Back Guarantee, or a Better Than Money Back Guarantee, or a Double Your Money Back Guarantee? I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Double Dog Guarantee just daring us to try it. Guarantees are […]

8 Excuses That Hold Your Marketing Back

Excuses. We all have them. Some we like more than others. All of them hold us back in some way. When it comes to marketing, the excuse center in our brains get a large dose of adrenaline and go into overdrive. I understand, marketing is a strange and scary place and we aren’t really sure […]

8 Things to Cut From Your Marketing

We all have tons to do, making room for one more marketing chore is getting harder and harder. There are plenty of hats to wear without adding more to the list. We hear a lot about what we should do in, add to, and keep up in our marketing. Seldom does someone tell entrepreneurs what […]

8 Ingredients to Delicious Business

Growing a delicious business seems like it would be easy as pie. Get more customers, make more money. But when you ask entrepreneurs what recipe they use to grow their business, most have no answer. The “business growing” recipe isn’t really a science, but it’s not an art either. There is some science to it, […]

8 Secrets to Better Headlines

So, the ad that you placed is due to the publication and it’s past time to right the headline. Your headline may be the most important part of the entire ad because those few words at the top of your ad are the only thing that will stop your reader long enough to read further. […]

8 Benefits of String Marketing

I can hear the first question, “What is String Marketing?” String marketing is a direct response campaign done with either direct mail or email that sends predetermined messages to your list at close intervals, continuing one message or offer over a few weeks. So every 7-10 days your perfect customers would receive a new email […]

8 Marketing Tips from Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is considered by many the greatest of Eastern Military strategists, he wrote “The Art of War” a sort of strategy handbook for those that served after him as General. Many iterations of the “Art of War” have been created to apply to everything from management to dating. Few people realize that Art of […]

8 Exercises to Tone Your Marketing Muscles

All of us could be in better shape, and most of us have good intentions to start on that tomorrow. But have you thought about what kind of shape your marketing is in? How often do you work those marketing muscles? Are you strong and vibrant? Or does your marketing enjoy sitting in a beanbag, […]

8 Ways to Lose Customers

I am sure you have heard the formula for gaining more customers, first let your customers KNOW you, get them to LIKE you, when they TRUST you, they will buy from you. Sounds simple but its not easy. There are many ways to achieve this Know Like Trust, and many way to lose it too. […]

8 Steps from Overwhelmed to Effective Marketing

If you are like most business owners, you don’t have enough time to get your work done much less market your business. You are juggling your time between managing, producing, serving, paying and collecting. There seems to be no way for you to fit marketing into your hectic workday, but you know it needs to […]