8 Sentence Marketing Plan in Minutes

A marketing plan is one of those buzz words you hear from “the experts” as a must have. Most entrepreneurs don’t have one. Even more don’t know what one is. I am here to help. With this simple step-by-step, I will show you how to craft an effective marketing plan in a matter of minutes. […]

8 Minutes to Better Marketing

The number one hurdle small business owners must get over to market their own business is TIME. Our time is finite. Each day only has so much of it and there is so much we have to do in the allotted time. On top of the business itself, there is billing and collections, managing people, […]

8 Signs That You Are Sabotaging Your Own Marketing

In spite of all your marketing efforts, it seems your labor has been in vain. You have tried new mediums, messages, even new target groups, but nothing has produced the results you wanted.  You have looked at the numbers and there just isn’t any ROI to be seen. I can see you are on the […]

8 Marketing Fairy Tales You Shouldn’t Believe

Here’s one of my favorite marketing fairy tales. Enjoy. Once upon a time there was a brave entrepreneur that went to work everyday, did their job and made ends meet. But all was not well for the entrepreneur, you see he needed more customers and didn’t know where to find them. On his way to […]

8 Marketing Truths From The Princess Bride

My absolute favorite movie of all time is The Princess Bride (1987). Quotes from this movie are common around our house, and can be used for a variety of situations. They are very handy and funny the majority of the time. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you watch it with your entire […]

8 Ways to Improve Your Advertising

Advertising seems a daunting task to most that decide to venture close. But those fears are often misplaced when it is taken in small parts and viewed from new perspectives. All advertising is, when you think about it, is sales multiplied. If you take your normal sales conversation and broaden the scope, narrow the message, […]

8 Marketing Mindsets That Undermine Your Business

Your marketing mindset makes all the difference in the success of your marketing and your business. A mindset is a belief that, in spite of facts to support or refute its validity, we hold to be true no matter what happens. We all have mindsets, some good, some bad. Mindsets can help or hinder us […]

8 Time Stretching Tips to Maximize Your Day

What is the number one excuse you give when someone adds to your to do list? “I don’t have time for that!” When I say you should market you business, what goes through your head? “I don’t have time for that!” Everyone seems to need more time. I know I need more time to get […]

8 Marketing Tips From Dr. Seuss

I was cleaning out the bookshelves in my office the other day, and was surprised to find some Dr. Seuss books that belonged to my son when he was small. As I sat there on memory lane, reading the farcical rhymes and silly words, I was struck by the wisdom of one of America’s favorite […]

8 Headline Booster Shots

It doesn’t matter if you are writing an email, an advertisement, or a newsletter your headline is the most important part. The headline is the stop sign for your entire promotion, and it has to be strong. You only have about 3 seconds to grab the readers attention, peak their interest, and make them want […]