Logo Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Whether you realize it or not, your company is being watched all the time. Not always by the same people, but with the 24 hour business cycle on the internet, you are always being judged by your appearance. Like it or not your logo speaks volumes about you. If the first impressions are true or […]

Rebranding Review – a closer look at BerriHealth.

Rebranding your company is a major undertaking, but one that is achievable with planning, forethought and vision. Berrihealth, a producer of black raspberry products for both clinical and retail applications, was an industry leader and needed to extend that image into it’s brand. Rebranding – From the start Steve Dunfield, the owner and president of […]

8 Elements to a World Class Logo

What are the 8 elements of a “world class logo”? I had a potential client ask me this question. I had to stop and think. I had never considered that before. I started searching my brain for what it takes to reach the levels of “world class”. I have broken the elements into primary and […]

Top 8 Tactics & Tips for Customer Testimonials

Your perspective customers want an element of proof to the claims that you are making, testimonials are that proof. Testimonials are able to slip through the defenses customers put up and are seldom detected on BS radar. A favorable account of your service or product goes a long way to setting the mind of your […]

8 Secrets to Best Selling Book Covers

  You finally finished your book. You have poured yourself into it, your editor is proud of the final product and it’s time to show the world. But how can the world judge your book with out a cover? I know it’s cliché, but your book cover is what sells your book. We do judge […]

Clear Conscience Pet – Sliders Rebrand

Challenged with the rebrand of one of the most awarded names in holistic dog treats, we took Clear Conscience Pet’s offer to create a new look that is more fresh, artisan and natural. We wanted to compete with some bigger names and secure Sliders place on the shelves. Here is the packaging they came to […]

8 Business Habits Stunting Your Growth

Your business habits can facilitate rapid growth and a rewarding career or they can stunt the growth of your business. Business habits can keep you from reaching your full potential, and hinder you from enjoying the success you are working to achieve. In order for your company to grow, finding and eliminating hurdles to your […]

8 Business Card Tactics Every Small Business Can Do

Take your business card out of your wallet and look closely at it. Are you marveling at its power? No? Maybe you should. If I had to choose just one marketing tool to use the rest of my career, it would be the business card. This little Swiss Army knife of marketing can be your […]

8 Gift Card Benefits That Boost Your Profit Margin

The Gift Card, or gift certificate, has been around a long time, but only recently have they been so easy to give and receive. Us businesses have reaped the benefits totaling $23 billion last year. When you add in the fact that 2% to 5% of gift cards never get used, it is easy to […]

8 Ways to Make Bad Marketing Decisions

In my years serving clients at many different levels, I am surprised quite often by poor marketing decisions and how they are made. It doesn’t really matter the location or industry, or the size of the company. Poor decision making has wasted more marketing dollars than any other factor in a marketing venue. As you […]