About Dzin DNA

Mark CombsWho is DzinDNA?

DzinDNA.com is led by Mark Combs, a 26 year veteran of Logo design, Illustration, Advertising, Brochure design, and Direct Mail design. With experience at ad agencies, corporate marketing departments and even teaching graphic design at the collegiate level, Mark plies his craft to your design needs with great design sense and professionalism. Customer service is the focus of dzinDNA.com and your satisfaction is paramount.

What is my design DNA?
Your design DNA is a look and graphic feel that is yours and only yours. We believe your company is unique because of you. There is no one like you and no business is like your business. DzinDNA uses that uniqueness to your advantage to make you and your business stand out in the sea of competition. We take time to learn about you and design logos and illustration to fit your needs and wants.

What do your customers say about you and your services?
We are proud of what our customers say about DzinDNA. Click here to read what they say. After every job we use a closing questionnaire to improve our service and our products.

What are your prices?
Our prices aren’t the cheapest, they aren’t the highest either. We believe you get what you pay for but you don’t have to give up a limb to get good design. Click here to check out our logo packages as well as our ala catre prices.

What should a logo cost?
Well, it depends on what you can afford, I would say spend what you can afford to. If you think about it, your logo will represent your company for the life of your company. So if you amortize the logo cost over the 10, 20, 30 year life of your company, spending at the minimum $500 on a logo is an investment of at most $50 per year. What is your marketing budget? Are you willing to spend $50 a year on brand recognition, good readability, and a complimentary corporate image? I am willing to pay more. The websites that will “design” you a logo for a dollar seldom give you what you need and then charge you for changes to the logo. They are also notorious for plagiarism and clip art giving you cookie cutter designs and a discounted corporate image. I realize you might not have a lot of money for logo design, but there ways around it. Find a logo designer that will work within your budget, or trade ad space on your webpage for part of the cost of logo design, or trade services with your designer. there are plenty of ways to save on your logo design, but I wouldn’t use a cut rate service.

Can I get just one logo concept?
My process includes many concepts that we produce that the customer never sees. Some because they aren’t good enough, some because we come up with something better after that one. Usually our first concepts aren’t our best ones, the best ones come later in the process. To give you one concept would be in our opinion, unfair to you and in turn hurt our relationship which hurts our business. Much of our business is based on word of mouth and customer reviews. The one idea would be detrimental to both of us. My advice is to do the “Logo Package”. It sounds like we want more money, but we are really looking for satisfied customers. Customers that are happy with our service and product will serve us and them better in the long run.

Our Company Principles

I work exclusively with clients who:
1. Recognize, respect and value my time, talent, and expertise.
2. Acknowledge the need for help.
3. Consider me a valuable member of their team.
4. Challenge and allow me to be creative.
5. Have clear well defined goals.

I will always:
1. Create designs that serve my client’s needs best.
2. Strive for the highest design quality.
3. Be honest with my clients and myself.

I will not:
1. Advise clients to take action that will hurt their company, or help them take that action.
2. Create work that undermines client goals.
3. Lie to clients to save their feelings/egos.